Welcome to the Christleton Blog. This is the best place to check what is happening as I tend to mention here any new items or features to the website as and when they happen and give a link to where you will find them. But I would encourage you to click around the site and explore. You are currently in the main part and you will find links to two other main sections. The Christleton War Voices which has an immense amount of information about Christleton in World War I. The other is Christleton 3 which is rich in photographs and includes two regular monthly features. Wildlife Watch and The History File. Enjoy.

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Wildlife Watch ventures quite a distance

Lion in the Kruger National Park

Each month this year I hope you have taken the short trip, just one click away, to the Wildlife Watch 2018 pages. In his final article for this year David Cummings has gone beyond Christleton and environs by some 13510 kilometres. That is 8171 miles to many of us. You will arrive at the Kruger National Park in South Africa which David and his wife Beryl visited a few months ago. I am sure you will enjoy reading about their adventures and viewing the 30 accompaning photographs.

Richard Nicholson

In the Air and on the Water

Flying pink footed geese

There are times whilst at my Apple iMac working on this website or my business site that I suddenly hear an unusual sound. For a split second I falter and then realise what it is. It is the sound of geese calling to each other passing over the house in one of their incredible V formations. If I am quick enough I manage to get out of the front door to witness this breathtaking sight. A wonderful interlude in a busy day. In Wildlife Watch for November David Cummings relates his experiences of this amazing piece of nature. He then moves from the air to the water telling us the good news that the shoveler ducks are back on the Pit for the winter.

Richard Nicholson
Puffins on the Farne Islands

A special place for sea Birds

David Cummings and his wife Beryl have made a visit to what I consider to be a relatively undiscovered and magical area of the British Isles - The Northumbrian Coast. A place with wonderful castles, fishing villages, amazing scenery, vast beaches, sea birds, a young heroin and an early saint. Their visit to the Farne Islands is recorded in the August edition of Wildlife Watch. Read and enjoy.

Richard Nicholson
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