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The History File now appears monthly on the Christleton Village Website


In this first article of the new era, I have explored the Alehouses and Taverns that have existed in the village, and paid particular attention to the story of the Red Lion now the Ring O Bells.


In this second article for 2017, I have given an insight into the bridges known locally as "The Roman Bridges"

MARCH 2017

Looking back through the 40 years life of the Christleton Local History Group. 1066 and the Domesday Survey

APRIL 2017

The story of Christleton continues with debts not paid and monks being sued

MAY 2017

The Old Hall in Christleton was built soon after 1603 but its appearance has changed greatly since then

JUNE 2017

This was not grand enough for his wife. She compelled him to build a house on the Stoneydale property in Pepper Street, Christleton which had been acquired by the family, to rival the Old Hall

JULY 2017

Reverend Lionel Garnett often said that without her great moral and financial support he would not have been able to carry out his many plans and ideas for the people of Christleton.


It is a coincidence that David Cummings has been covering the history of Christleton Hall over the past two months just as the University of Law put forward plans to remodel the Hall and construct 50 houses on the car park. This month the story continues with the will of Robert Townsend.


An important lady in Christleton who was the source of funds for many if not all of the plans for the village by Lionel Garnett. The new Boys, and Girls and Infants schools, a new church building at St James, the Mens Institute, funding of musical instruments for the village band, development of the Village Shows and Fetes etc. Her story is told in this months edition.


Be prepared to be transported back in time to Christleton in the years between 1686 to 1719. Thanks to the diary of Henry Prescott, Deputy Registrar of the Chester Diocese.


In times past common lands were an essential elements in the life of the community.


The story continues from last month on how common lands were an essential elements in the life of the community.

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Christleton History File for 2017

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